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A 240m canopy walkway 30ft above the ground has been created at Kuveshi area near Castle Rock of Uttara Kannada.

The structure allows ten people to take a walk through the forest at any point of time. It also boasts of multiple viewing areas wherein nature enthusiasts can stand and soak in the serenity of the surroundings. Each walk will be headed by a nature guide who will tell you all about the beautiful ecosystem.

An absolute dream come true for all nature enthusiasts, the canopy walk gives visitors an entirely new dimension to explore the dense forests and rich wildlife of Western Ghats. Owing to the fact that the region houses numerous tree species, visitors can witness Malabar tamarind, cinnamon, bamboo, eucalyptus, lantana, silver oak, teak and Jamba trees in all their glory here.

To add to that, one can also spot a wide variety of animals and birds from these treetops. The Malabar squirrel, lion-tailed macaque, hornbill, oriental kingfisher and white bellied treepies are commonly spotted here so don’t forget to pack your binoculars!